Sunday, March 07, 2010

Asides - The Boys Are Back In Town.

Back in April of 2008, I created a post (here) featuring active 1930 actors sporting pencil thin mustaches, quite a popular trend at the time. I decided it was time to give the clean shaven group their due as well. The images in this post all come from the same 1930 Stars of the Photoplay hardcover book that was published periodically by Photoplay magazine.

It's up to the reader to decide which crop of matinee idols fits your fancy, mustachioed or clean shaven. All but one married at least once, so the clean shaven group definitely had its admirers.

Double click on the images for a larger view.

Sandra Shaw 1933 -1961, his death

Florence Eldridge 1927 -1975, his death
Ellis Baker 1925 - 1927, divorced

Elizabeth Harkness 1950 - 1981, his death
Elizabeth Allen 1928 - 1950, divorced, 2 children, including Elizabeth

Cornelia Connie' Foster' 1926 - 1974, his death, 4 children
The good guy white hat cowboys never sported facial hair.

Grace Bradley 1937 - 1972, his death
Dorothy Sebastian 1929 - 1935, divorced
Elinor Fair 1926 - November 1929, divorced
Ruth Miller 1921 - 1924, divorced
Laura Maynard 1917 - 1921, divorced
Hoppy got around, and though a good guy cowboy, he wore, perhaps fittingly, a black hat.

Kathryn Scott 1925 -1981, her death, 2 children

Never married, was closeted during his acting years.

Diana Hall 1964 - 1996, his death, 1 child
Ginger Rogers 1934 - 1940, divorced
Lola Lane 1931 - 1933, divorced

Virginia Valli 1931 - 1968, her death
Of course he was also father to My Little Margie.

Margaret Belle ? - April 1977, his death
Christine Coniff Lee 1934 - 1940, divorced
Alma Rubens 1926 -1931, her death

Lillian Kenton Barker 1940 - ? 1 child
Suzanne Kilborn 1927 - 1939, divorced, 2 children


Unknown said...

These are really great photos! So neat to see Regis Toomey in here, too!

John Mack Brown looks so much like Dennis Morgan in his picture, doesn't he?!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great pictures!
Charles Farrell and Gary Cooper are gorgeous!